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Is Fact-Finding on IHL Violations Unique?

With the ever-growing number of fact-finding mechanisms operating within the international legal system, one is inclined to consider how to distinguish one another and how specific some are. This debate is a recurring one. When I participated in the drafting of the International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict a […]


Fact-Finding and proving direct attacks against civilians: ‘Double tap’ as the ‘smoking gun’?

In the field of fact-finding on alleged violations of IHL, establishing cases of direct attacks against civilians, civilian objects or against specially protected persons or objects, such as medical staff, rescue workers and hospitals, is a recurring challenge for investigators. Making a factual finding that certain incidents amount to indiscriminate attacks, such as those not […]


If I may… Some new publications on fact-finding

In these times of profound sorrow and utter shock in the face of a series of new terrorist attacks around the world, one may find the mere fact of posting a new piece on this Blog inappropriate, especially a post partly dedicated to self-promotion. For those thinking that I apologise. For those who know me […]