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If I may… Some new publications on fact-finding

In these times of profound sorrow and utter shock in the face of a series of new terrorist attacks around the world, one may find the mere fact of posting a new piece on this Blog inappropriate, especially a post partly dedicated to self-promotion. For those thinking that I apologise. For those who know me you would appreciate this is not a sign of disregard for the victims and their loved ones who are going through unspeakable pain right now. I can assure you that writing the coming words feel odd, maybe because expressing anything else than rage, disgust, compassion or empathy these days sound misplaced.

So I just wanted to respectfully draw your attention to two new publications that address the evolution of fact-finding, through different perspectives though: as part of a new thematic commentary of the 1949 Geneva Conventions a chapter putting into perspective the enquiry procedure foreseen in those treaties in light of the growing development of investigative mechanisms and the role of fact-finding in ensuring compliance with IHL; and following an international conference organized by New York University Law School’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice in Fall 2013, the publication of The Transformation of Human Rights Fact-Finding, that contributes to deepen “the study and practice of human rights investigations, and fosters fact-finding as a discretely studied topic, while mapping crucial transformations in the field”. In a chapter of this book I tried to unpack the complex relationship between fact-finders and witnesses in human rights fact-finding and advocate for a greater recognition of the role of victims in the process, not only as a way to strengthen their protection but also as a tool to empower them.

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